Changes to policies

A summary of recent changes to several college policies:

Summary of Changes to Policy 3.5 Tobacco Free Environment

  • Updated title to reference Tobacco and E-Cigarette Free
  • Updated to include medical marijuana
  • Updated to include e-cigarettes
  • Added definitions for medical marijuana and e-cigarettes
  • Struck outdated term “Learning Academy”
  • Struck information related to tobacco free card distribution
  • Struck the word “tobacco” to refer to the policy being inclusive of more than tobacco

11.3 Professional and Institutional Memberships

  • III.           Add and any applicable employee reimbursement to last sentence
  • VIII.        Change to Vice President for Finance and Administration
  • IX.           Change NA to None
  • X.            Change personal to personnel in the last sentence
  • XI.           Delete Professional
  • XIII.        Add Updated December 2013
  • XIV.        Change to December 2018

12.7 State of Michigan Capital Outlay Request Process

Committee proposes to eliminate this policy as it is no longer necessary and the College does not have official policies for many of our other required state/federal submissions.

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