Construction Update: Lab moved, classroom rotations and departments relocated for Winter 2014

Departments have moved to temporary locations to accommodate the beginning of Phase 2 of GRCC’s bond construction, which started in December 2013. Secchia Institute for Culinary Education faculty and staff have moved to the Applied Technology Center rooms 122 and 124. They will move back to their space by late February 2014. Computer Information Systems, Mechanical & Architectural Design and Manufacturing faculty offices have moved to the Data Center – the offices on the SW corner of the Bostwick Ramp. These departments will be moving back to their space in the ATC mid semester.

Most Computer Information Systems classes that are traditionally held in the ATC have been moved to Cook Hall for the semester.  Many other classes have been moved to temporary meeting locations to allow work to be done in phases and zones. As renovations on the first rotation of classrooms is completed, other classes will be moved to allow work to continue.

A temporary open computer lab and tutorial lab is available for students in Cook Hall room 307.  The ATC lab will continue to provide student support in various classrooms in the ATC as construction continues.

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