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Jamie Kolean took time from her own schedule to help out her fellow students.

Jamie Kolean took time from her own schedule to help out her fellow students.

It’s that time of year again when we have new students wandering campus trying to prepare for their first experience at GRCC, anxiously awaiting their first classes. As we have in the past, we are again asking you to help us out with information roaming and still have spaces to fill.

However, even when you are not “officially” roaming or in your office working, remember anyone can help anywhere. A great demonstration of that spirit came from a student employee this past fall. Jamie Kolean is a student employee at the Lakeshore campus, but she takes classes downtown. In the fall, while she was sitting on a bench waiting for her class to start, a welcome table was moved in front of her. Students started asking her questions because she was there and due to her knowledge from working at the Lakeshore, she was able to help students find their classes, read the maps, find the shuttle, etc. She sat there and helped on her own time for two hours!

Employees like Jamie truly capture the essence of the GRCC Service Excellence Guidelines. We thank her for that and thank all of you in advance for the work you will do to welcome students this Winter! If you haven’t already signed up to be a Roamer, please do so today! (And if the spots are all filled, feel free to pick an hour and wander anywhere, engaging with students as you go!)

4th Floor Main Info/Roaming Station Sign Up:

 ATC, 2nd Floor Info/Roaming Zone Sign Up:

Sneden, 1st Floor Info/Roaming zone Sign Up:

Cook/Main, 1st Floor Entrance Area Info/Roaming Zone Sign Up:


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