GRCC In the News, 1-10-14

‘Because of Mr. Terupt’ chosen for annual 4th grade Grand Rapids reading campaign

Jan. 9, 2014; MLive

GRAND RAPIDS, MI — Organizers of the annual “One Book, One City for Kids” reading initiative have selected “Because of Mr. Terupt” by Rob Buyea for this winter’s discussion.

… Sponsored by the Grand Rapids Public Library Foundation, the program is a collaboration between the Grand Rapids Public Library, Pooh’s Corner, the Grand Rapids Public Schools, Grand Rapids Community College, and Cook Library Center.


Staff Development offers fitness classes

Have you resolved to moving more this year? Would you like to incorporate a little more exercise into your life?

Staff Development has many opportunities each week for you to do so!

We would love to have you join us at any of these classes and for only $20.00 you can attend any class offered for the entire 7 weeks. Here is the class schedule: Winter 2014 Wellness Class Schedule Here is a description of the classes: Winter 2014 exercise class descriptions

If you have any questions – please contact Julie Otte in Staff Development.

Earn state continuing education credit with online courses

Grand Rapids Community College offers Michigan teachers and educational professionals the opportunity to earn state continuing education clock hours online through a partnership with Cengage Learning’s Ed2Go.

Sharpen your skills, or learn new ones any time of the day or night. You can complete any course entirely from your home or office. Earn state continuing education clock hours online with our instructor-facilitated online courses specifically designed for teachers!  Choose from more than 45 courses already approved by the state!

To register, click here.

Just a Friendly Reminder – Volunteers Still Needed!

Hello everyone!

Even as we continue to watch enrollment numbers for Winter, did you know we are expecting 1,200 NEW students to arrive on campus in January! That’s 1,200 people who need our smiles, our welcoming personalities, and potentially need our help!

The shift to Information Roamers in the Fall was a great success! Our students mentioned their appreciation and your evaluations suggest you had fun connecting in that way. We are going to make a few changes based on your feedback, in addition to anticipated needs in the Winter.

First, you won’t be carrying tablets. Feedback suggested they did not prove helpful. You’ll still have the apron/identifiers and you will each have a Roaming Zone Hub, which will be an “Information Table”. That table will hold materials of interest for students, such as maps, RaiderCard information, etc., as well as the binder with the class schedule for you to use as necessary. Second, you will notice we have adjusted the times/days we are scheduling roamers. This came directly from feedback you provided in the fall, so please keep us posted if we still don’t have it “quite right”.

For those who sign up to work Main 4th and the ATC, we are going to ask you to stand and engage in the general vicinity of the information table. Based on construction and classroom moves, we anticipate higher than normal questions in those areas.

Everyone else, you’ll be encouraged to roam, assist and engage in whatever manner feels best! When your shift is done, you’ll meet your replacement at the Information Table in your zone (or leave your apron there if your replacement doesn’t show.)

Note! We are encouraging ALL students to run a new schedule just before semester start to verify none of their classes were moved. If you have a student struggling to find a class, ask when they printed their schedule. It’s possible you’ll need to verify the location hasn’t change.

Please sign up to help! This system does not work without a LOT of wonderful volunteers. The links for sign up spreadsheets are listed below. (If you experience any issues with the sign up process, please contact Liz Tyrell at

Thank your for your commitment to our students!

4th Floor Main Info/Roaming Station Sign Up:

ATC, 2nd Floor Info/Roaming Zone Sign Up:

Sneden, 1st Floor Info/Roaming zone Sign Up:

Cook/Main, 1st Floor Entrance Area Info/Roaming Zone Sign Up:

“Colleges committed to the Completion Agenda should involve all faculty, administrators, support staff, and returning students to help new students make connections in their first encounters with the college” Terry O’ Banion

Annual IT project requests are due this month

Annual IT Project Requests are now being accepted.

If you have a project for the next fiscal year, NOW is the time to submit it. The due date for these requests is January 24. If you have projects that will need IT resources, take this opportunity to submit your requests.

Visit the Project Management Office web-page,, to submit your project.

All projects will be reviewed and prioritized by the Project Prioritization Team.

Next request period will be in Fall for the Mid-Year request cycle.