Lost and Found Property

As a reminder, the Campus Police Department is responsible for collecting and maintaining all lost and found items on Campus.  If you or your department receives an item that was left in a class, computer lab, restroom, etc., please make sure it reaches Campus Police within a day or so of recovery.

Most employees refer people to us in an effort to recover of their items and, after a couple of days, people stop checking.  We recently received a baggie completely full of thumb drives, and a significant number of coats that were collected over the course of the whole fall semester.  Please spread the word to those who may not see this notice — including student employees — that all departments should send items to the Police Department at a minimum of once a week for minimal value items, and as soon as possible for higher value items and identification. If no one can come to us, please call dispatch at 234-4910 and we will send an officer to pick up the lost and found item.

If you have questions, please contact Campus Police.

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