GRCC In the News, 2-13-14

‘American Idol’ Top 30: Live shows to feature Grand Rapids native Maurice Townsend

Feb. 12, 2014; MLive

GRAND RAPIDS, MI — The Top 30.

… And Grand Rapids native Maurice Townsend will be one of those to watch as live shows give aspiring stars screen time in front of viewers across the country.

(Article doesn’t mention it, but Maurice Townsend is a former GRCC student.)

GVSU holds training workshop for bias incident

Feb. 13, 2014; The Lanthorn (GVSU student newspaper)

Faculty and staff from Grand Valley State University and Grand Rapids Community College met Tuesday for training on how to handle biased incidents.

Staff and Faculty Externship Program

Are you aware that GRCC offers a professional development opportunity designed to support faculty and staff connections to regional businesses?  The Faculty/Staff Externship program is available to all GRCC staff and faculty.

Details and applications can be found at:

Completed applications and supporting documentation must be provided to the appropriate department by the March 30, 2014 deadline for a summer externship.