Experiential Learning blog looks at GRPS Youth Fair, need for elementary coaches

Experiential Learning Blog is excited to share some amazing stories and opportunities. High lights for the March Blog include:

1. Faculty High light Jodi Gee Wellness Assistant Professor and her Elementary Games course (WE 157). The collaboration is with the WE 157 course and the GRCC Preschool. Check out this awesome partnership. http://grccdel.wordpress.com/

2. Grand Rapids Public Schools Collaborative Youth Fair. Experiential Learning/Service our Community


3. Grand Rapids Public School COIT Elementary in Need of Athletic Coaches. Contact Barbara Reeb at 616-334-8795. (K-5 Athletic Offerings include Cross Country, Soccer, Swimming, Basketball and Track)

The Benefits and focus of K-5 Programming are to:

  • Introduce athletic activities to students
  • Provide early exposure and early development of knowledge and skills
  • Promote and encourage physical activity
  • Provide a quality learning experience for students
  • Build connections to middle and high schools

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