BioDiversity Club marks Darwin Day

On February 15 2014, the GRCC BioDiversity Club celebrated Darwin Day 2014 by co-sponsoring a community event which featured hands-on science activities for all ages.  Forty-eight children and their families attended the three-hour event.  Dr. Matt Douglas and Dr. Pam Laureto, GRCC biology faculty and co-advisors for the Club, worked with the Center for Inquiry and 15 GRCC student volunteers to organize and host the event.  The students lead exhibits that featured such topics as a fossil hunt, exploring human evolution, the diversity of plant life and animal life, the pros of bacteria in yogurt, extracting DNA, the unifying molecule of life, from wheat germ, and exploring plant-insect interactions.  Dr. Bob Luenk and Laurie Foster, GRCC biology faculty, helped to oversee the event.

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