Changes made to policies

A summary of recent changes to several college policies:

11.2 Personal Information Privacy Policy: Eliminate

  • Recommendation is to eliminate as no longer necessary
  • We have separate guidance around HIPPA that did not exist when the policy was first drafted
  • Most of this policy is covered in the more current IT Policy 15.1 regarding Personally Identifiable Information

11.12 Budget Adoption: Eliminate

  • Recommendation is to eliminate as this is not necessary as a college policy. We do not hold people accountable for “violations”
  • Budget adoption is covered by State law. The internal processes to meet state requirements may vary from year to year.
  • The policy will be converted to a work instruction for reference by finance personnel.

11.21 Enterprise Print Management: Eliminate

  •  Eliminate and replace with departmental guidelines
  • The policy provides guidance to staff using enterprise print management services, but we do not hold people accountable for “violations”
  • Enterprise Print Management services change and require frequent updates. Guidelines are more appropriate to suit the purpose of the EPM system than a GRCC policy.

3.2 Non Discrimination on the Basis of Disability: New  3-2_non-discrimination_on_basis_of_disability

  • Robust policy statement detailing GRCC’s commitment to nondiscrimination in all programs, services or activities offered by the college including employment opportunities.
  • Clear statement prohibiting retaliation against individuals who file complaints against the institution, exercise their rights under the ADA or Section 504 or participate in an investigation.
  • Includes definitions for Complaint, Disability, Major Life Activity, Essential Abilities and Technical Standards, Essential & Marginal Functions and Qualified Individual with a Disability.
  • Includes Procedures for Accommodation (Student/Faculty & Staff) and Complaints (Student/Faculty & Staff)
  • Links to applicable policies and forms

11.8 Investment Policy: Revised 11-8_investment

  • Eliminated requirement for written approval from the Vice President of Finance and Administration for other wire activity in excess of $4,000,000.

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