Preschool celebrates Month of the Young Child

For Month of the Young Child, the preschool has been recognizing the importance of a quality early childhood experience with various events. On April 10th, the preschool had a pajama day and welcomed the preschool families and GRCC staff to donate new pajamas for the clients of Bethany Christian Services. More than 150 pajamas for children were collected. This week, the focus was on cognitive development and the preschool shared some information about how fun experiences can build knowledge for young children. The children planted some parsley, cilantro and basil. They explored the life cycle of a plant and how a sprout will emerge from the seed and if we take care of it, the plant will flower and produce even more seeds that can be planted. As a final part of the project, some children even delivered the plants and a recipe to a few people in the Administration building.

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