Congratulations to student employee of the year, Ian Saunier

Congratulations to our 2014 Student Employee of the Year, Ian Saunier!  Ian has worked in the Enrollment Center for more than three years. His supervisor, Jason Schueller, says:

“Customer service roles bring unique challenges when dealing with a very large student population. He is respectful to everyone he interacts with and always makes sure their questions or concerns are addressed. He has worked here for over three years and his confidence and positive attitude help to create an excellent working environment. As his supervisor, I have the utmost confidence in his work knowing that he can handle any type of situation with outstanding customer service. We truly appreciate his work ethic, professionalism, and positive outlook. There is no doubt that he will be successful in his career and he has had a meaningful impact on our student’s success.”

Below is a photo of Ian, his family and Jason Schueller from the Enrollment Center.  Congratulations Ian!


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