Raider Salute to Finals Relaxers planners and volunteers

Please help Student Life provide a warm Raider Salute to all the people that helped pull off a successful student Finals Relaxer event yesterday:

Fieldhouse Staff

Rick VanderVeen, Michael Boerman & Charles Wells

All the student employees and lifeguards

*Helped manage all the back-end operations that goes into hosting an event at the fieldhouse

Campus Police Staff
Officer Peters, Officer Myers, Officer Kritzman. Chief Whitman

*Kept the environment safe

Facilities Staff

Becky Yoder, Oene Pomper, Jim Schultz, Dale Young, Pat Baldridge & Mark Boverhof

All the student employees

*Setup all of our electrical, table, and chair needs as well as reserved the space

Campus Dining Staff

Daniel Zehr, Keaton Krupa, Nancy Rutledge, & Erin Gauthier

All the student employees

*Provided excellent catering services

Human Resources Staff

Angie Pena

*Coordinated two Zumba lessons for students.

Presidents Office & Student Life Staff

Misty McClure Anderson, Paulo Teles, Molly Maczka, Liz Tyrell and Sara Dorer


There were over 450 students that attended the event. As you can see, it takes a whole army to make it work. The students, staff and faculty really enjoyed the opportunity to engage with one another.

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