Orientation kicks off today

Our Orientation program kicks off today for our brand new students who will be attending this Fall. If you come across a new student, please be sure to welcome them to campus. Below is some information that might be helpful to you should you happen upon any lost students.

Orientation is on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Tuesday and Thursday there is a morning (9-12) and afternoon session (1:30-4:30). On Wednesday, we have a afternoon (1:30-4:30) and an evening session (6-9). The first two weeks we kick off out of the Music building so any students should be directed there and the remaining program begins in the ATC auditorium. Students will also be led to the 5th Floor Cook for their registration portion by an ambassador. Students attending at the Lakeshore have the option to participate in orientation at that location (different times/dates).

We have 14 ambassadors who will be working hard all summer to make our new students feel welcome. Be sure to say hi to them as you see them walking around campus.

If you have any questions or comments, please direct them to Lori Cook at ext. 3099.

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