Kelsee Mullins joins School of Workforce Development staff

Please welcome Kelsee Mullins, ESP for Manufacturing/Manufacturing Apprenticeship, Applied Technology, Computer Information Systems, Architectural and Mechanical Design departments.

Kelsee received her Associate Degree from Grand Rapids Community College in 2011. She is currently working on finishing up her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with Ferris State University, at their Grand Rapids Campus. Kelsee started her GRCC career in the Music Center with Kevin Dobreff and Kathy Kolehouse and worked there for a year and a half as a part-time contingent employee. She is very grateful and honored that her first GRCC career experience was with Kevin and Kathy. Kelsee then took her current position as a full-time contingent employee and now permanent. She is excited for this opportunity and extremely excited to be working with these departments.

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