Changes made to policies

A summary of recent changes to several college policies:

11-2_grants_policy Revised

  •  Specifies who has authorization to sign and submit grant proposals and sign and accept grant awards.
  • Designates who has the authority to approve the development and submission of grant applications by GRCC and for those in which GRCC is a partner.
  • Lists the responsible parties who will implement the grants policy related to management of grant projects, management of grant funds and submissions of programmatic and financial reports.
  • Lists the governmental regulations and policies that apply to all aspects of grant development, submission, implementation and management.
  • Broadens the purpose of the policy to establish requirements for the administration of grants at GRCC and to ensure compliance with applicable College, government and funder rules, laws, regulations and policies.
  • States that all GRCC policies should be adhered to in the development, submission, implementation and management of grants.
  • References additional manuals and forms that have been created for faculty and staff to fulfill government and funder regulations.
  • Provides a list of definitions.
  • Expands the description of procedures used to support the requirements of the Grants Policy, both pre-award and post-award.

11-22_economic_development_participation Revised

  • Clarified titles
  • Better aligned bullet points to clarify intent
  • Clarified language to state that it is our policy to opt out of new agreements (previous language seemed to indicate that we may opt out)

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