GRCC departments to move back ‘home’ in August, September

Library and Academic support staff and services have returned to the Learning Resource Center and have been enjoying their newly renovated space. Soon many other temporarily relocated departments will be doing the same. Here is the move-in schedule. Please call these offices before sending someone to their location to be sure they are available.

Week of Aug. 11:
Records, Student Employment Services to first floor Main
Center for Teaching Excellence and Distance Learning & Instructional Technology to third floor Main
GRCCePrint front office and graphics to G1 Main
Dean of Student Affairs to first floor Main
Assoc Provost and Dean of Instructional Support and Interdisciplinary Studies to fourth floor Main
Language & Thought/Visual Arts Department to third floor Main
Education Department to second floor Main
Dean of Student Success & Retention to 3rd floor Student Center

Weekend of Aug. 15:
Enrollment Services, Financial Aid and Cashiers Office to 1st floor Main

Week of Aug. 18
Assoc. Dean of Instructional Support and Interdisciplinary Studies to 118 Main
Department of Experiential Learning to G2 Main
Remaining tutoring and academic support staff back to regular locations

Week of Sept. 9:
School of Arts & Sciences Dean’s Office to third floor Main

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