Renovations near completion; departments, offices prepare for moves

Summer 2014 construction projects are nearing completion and efforts are now focused on reoccupying buildings and preparing the campus for the start of the fall semester! The Library team has already returned to the LRC, and we will begin moving departments and service areas back into the Main and Cook buildings on Wednesday, August 13th.

We will be moving someone or something every day from the 13th through 22nd, so please remember to check the “move back” schedule — which was sent through an “All Staff” email — before potentially directing customers to a wrong location.  Please note that all student service areas will be moved over the weekend (the 16th and 17th ), so they will continue to provide services from the Student Center through Friday, August 15th, and will be open for business in the Main building on Monday, August 18th.

Although most departments will be returning to their previous office locations, some office locations have changed and some will remain in their temporary locations until after the fall semester has started.

New locations:

  • Financial Aid will now be located in Main 148, working with the Enrollment Center to implement a new enrollment services model.
  • The Registrar/Records office will now be located in Main 156.
  • The office for the Dean of Student Affairs (Tina Hoxie and Cathy Noviskey) will now be located in Main 106.
  • The office for the Dean of ISIS (Bill Faber and Anna Rose) and the Curriculum Coordinator (Katie Daniels) will now be located in Main 423.
  • The office for the Dean of Student Success & Retention (John Cowles and Tracy Payne) will move from Sneden to room 313 in the Student Center.

Temporary locations:

  • The School of Arts & Sciences Deans office will remain in the Data Center until after Labor Day, when it will return to 3rd floor Main.
  • The Provost’s office will remain in the Data Center pending relocation to the 2nd floor of the Administration building on the DeVos campus.

Our Facilities and IT staff, and the departments that must move during this already busy time of year are doing a fabulous job of getting things organized and prepping for this final effort – please support them!  Everyone has been impacted by the summer construction projects in one way or another, so thank you for your continued flexibility and patience as we complete these efforts!

Moving schedule:

  • August 13 — Center for Teaching Excellence and Distance Learning & Instructional Technologies.
  • August 14 — Registrar/Records Office; Language & Thought, Visual Arts and Education & Child Development departments; and GRCC ePRINT and graphics.
  • August 15 — Dean/Associate Provost Office — ISIS, and curriculum coordinator.
  • August 15 and 16 — Enrollment Services, Financial Aid and Cashiers, Veterans Services, Dean of Student Affairs office,  and Student Employment Services.
  • August 18 and 20 — Dean of Student Success & Retention, Business Tutoring Lab, Academic Support Services, The PLACE, Associate Dean — ISIS, and the Department 0f Experiential Learning.
  • August 21 — Media
  • August 22 — Diversity Learning and Older Learner centers, and Equity Affairs.