Changes made to policies

Changes were recently made to several college policies:

9.5 Use of the College Name, Seal, and Emblem/Logo: Revised

  • Clarified the overall purpose of the policy
  • Defined the ownership of the policy
  • Removed the following sections of the policy as these areas are incorporated into the work of the communication department in department procedures:
    • Publication and Image
    • College Promotions and Outreach Procedures

6.2 Equal Employment Opportunity and Non-Discrimination

  • Updated EEO Policy to add the following protected characteristics and associated definitions: “sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, political affiliation and familial status….”
  • Updated to be consistent with the newly updated Sexual Misconduct Policy, recent legislation regarding Title IX (VAWA), and LGBT Workers Executive Order signed by President Obama July 2014.
  • Updated to include protected categories under Title VII
  • Specifically referencing “sexual orientation” and “gender identity or expression” sends a clear message that all employees will be respected and able to work free of any kind of harassment, and that no form of harassment or offensive conduct directed at individuals based on sexual orientation or gender identity will be tolerated.
  • The previous version of the policy stated that “any supervisor who experiences, witnesses or receives a written or oral report or complaint of discrimination or related retaliation shall promptly report it to the Office of General Counsel.”  We have changed that statement to say “any employee” as it is every employee’s responsibility to make sure that concerns are properly forward to be addressed once they are made aware of them.

14.9 Camera Phone and Related Technology: Elimination

  • Policy unnecessary. This policy simply restates current law.

11.8 Mobile Devices and Data Service Plans: Elimination

  • Policy unnecessary as this process should be a departmental procedure.

Additional policy changes are as follows:

Effective July 1, 2014

  • Revised the Withdraw and “I” policy language.

–Language regarding the potential impact of W grades on financial aid and at transfer schools was added.

–A statement indicating that the incomplete grade is only applicable in extenuating circumstances was added. A statement regarding the approximate portion of the course that must be completed (90%) in units of time or points before an incomplete grade can be assigned was added.

  • 18 Children in the Classroom (revised) Policy Section 8.0 Subsection 8.18

Effective July 1, 2014

  • This policy was revised to include a classroom and campus policy. Children accompanying visitors, employees or students of GRCC must be under the constant supervision of a responsible adult while on GRCC property.

  • 27 ACT Cut Scores(revised) Policy Section 8.0 Subsection 8.27

Effective July 1, 2014

  • This policy was reviewed and upon review of bench marking data, the team determined that GRCC’s ACT composite score of 18 was consistent with other community colleges. No change was made.

  • 5 Student Rights/Program Requirements-Catalog Year (new) Policy Section 8.0 Subsection 8.5

Effective July 1, 2014

  • This policy clarifies for GRCC students what program requirement will be used for their graduation audit, to allow students to align their course selections to these Catalog requirements.

  • 8 Audiovisual Captioning Policy (new) (revised) Policy Section 3.0 Subsection 3.8

Effective July 1, 2014

  • Captioning in a given situation may be Required, Advised, or Not Required, as indicated in the full policy. This policy complies with a federal mandate to provide access to equal and effective communication for all students, staff, and community members. The purpose of this policy is to make the campus community aware of our responsibility, resources available to address shortcomings, and appropriate courses of action to take in select scenarios.

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