Nursing students to participate in Out of Darkness Walk

For the seventh year, GRCC Community and Mental Health nursing students are volunteering and walking at the Out of Darkness Walk held at the Millennium Park on Saturday morning September 27.

As we heard from Rosalynn Carter yesterday, the mental wellness of our country needs to improve! There would be no better way to implement your commitment for promotion of mental health and reduction of the stigma related to those suffering from mental illness, than joining us on the Healthy Kent Team this Saturday morning. If you can not join us, please consider making a donation to our team.

This walk is designed to support families that have lost a loved one to suicide and to raise funds for research by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Visit and if you have any questions please contact

One thought on “Nursing students to participate in Out of Darkness Walk

  1. Thanks for posting this. I lost my sister to suicide in 1999. Eleven years ago my niece and I started the first Out of the Darkness Walk at Riverside Park. We have grown and changed since that time, but our goals are always the same…spend time and share with others, raise awareness and work to get rid of the stigma (Mrs. Carter spoke to this yesterday), and raise money for AFSP. Ellen and her group of nursing students are always so great. We love having them there each year. They’re an important piece of the puzzle that we put together. So…thanks to each and every one of them!

    jamie heeringa

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