2015 Leadership Institute

The Grand Rapids Community College Leadership Institute is a 12-month leadership program committed to strengthening new or emerging leaders from across campus. This program is geared to foster a broader understanding of the campus community, accelerate talent development, and hone individual and team leadership skills. The Leadership Institute is designed for individual employees who have the capacity and desire to make a positive influence on our campus. Leadership Institute includes content pertinent to talent identification, leadership development, and addressing issues relevant to the college community.

Feedback from past participants of Leadership Institute:

“I loved the Leadership Institute!! The skills I learned boosted my confidence and job performance. I learned so much about the College. My stretch project was to develop the Health Benefit website so our employees could easily find health benefit related information at any time. I am now maintaining and updating the site as new information becomes available.” – Amy Robinson, Payroll and Benefits

“I had a really great experience with the Leadership Institute, my cohort was awesome! My participation in Leadership Institute 2013 really helped me to enhance my leadership skills and grow as a leader! The Leadership Institute stretched me out of my comfort zone and pushed me to step up more. Because of the Institute, I have a greater understanding of GRCC processes and how these processes work (SLT, AGC, etc.). My stretch project Electronic Billing was implemented on May 6, 2014, the “My eBill” link big roll out was for Fall 2014. Students are currently using the “My eBill” link and it is getting great reviews!” – Erica Brown, Training Solutions

If you are interested in Leadership Institute 2015 please visit www.grcc.edu/leadershipinstitute for additional information or to obtain an application packet. Deadline for application is Friday, October 31, 2014.

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