Lunch special at the Heritage tomorrow and Wednesday

The Heritage is hosting a Fall Menu Special on Oct. 7 (Tuesday) and 8 (Wednesday). This menu includes a four course meal for $13.95! Please call 3700 to make a reservation.

Soup: Acorn and butternut squash soup, with crème fraiche and toasted pumpkin seeds

Salad: Salad of caramelized walnuts, roasted fresh pears, crisp apples, and arugula with a grain mustard Stilton dressing

Hot Plates: Cinnamon and Thyme pot roasted pork loin, served on a root vegetable hash, creamy Yukon gold potatoes, apple pumpkin butter, and Calvados Au Jus

Dessert: Apple Normandy Table side

$13.95 per person.

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