100 Ways To Give: Donations sought for YWCA


To celebrate the college’s centennial the office of the general counsel is collecting 100 pounds of wish list items to donate to the local YWCA Crisis Center  this month. Donations for the domestic crisis center, child sexual abuse treatment services, and the girls incorporated program are all being sought. Here is a description of each program and the list of needed items.

Domestic Crisis Center

For those fleeing violent situations, they all too often leave with nothing more than the clothes on their back. Because of generous community support, the YWCA is able to provide many of the things they need to help ease the uncomfortable situation of living in a place that is not one’s own home.

  • Women’s clothing (all sizes); pajamas, robes
  • Children’s clothing (all sizes); new underwear, socks
  • Personal care items (deodorant, hair products, etc.)
  • Linens (sheet sets, pillows, towels, rugs, etc.)
  • Kitchen items (silverware, cookware, etc.)
  • Children’s school supplies
  • Household items (laundry baskets, first aid kit, etc.)
  • Car seats, diapers, wipes
  • Bus passes, phone cards, grocery gift cards

Child Sexual Abuse Treatment Services

Without the words to verbalize their experience, child victims of sexual abuse express how they feel and think in other ways – through art, games, with dolls. The YWCA is constantly challenged to find ongoing sources of items that quickly become depleted as more than 300 children annually turn to us to learn to deal with the trauma they have survived.

  • Washable paints, markers, crayons
  • Pipe cleaners, play dough, glue sticks
  • Puppets, doll-house size figures of various races
  • Board games
  • Gift certificates to bookstores

Girls Incorporated

We work with girls ages 6-18 in their classrooms, here in our after-school programs, and during our summer camps. While we teach them to be ”strong, smart, and bold,” you can help us offer some immediate, practical help. From books to board games and tampons to tablets, your donations allow us to support these girls in whatever way we can!

  • New or gently used books (current pre-teen or older titles)
  • Feminine products
  • New bras, underwear, and socks (including plus-size)
  • Board games
  • School supplies
  • 37-inch flat screen TV
  • Gaming system with fitness component
  • Bean bags or gaming chairs
  • iPad or Android tablets
  • Disinfectant wipes

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