Raider Salute from former trustee Jan Maggini

Former Board of Trustee member Jan Maggini, who graduated from Grand Rapids Junior College in 1956,  served on the centennial committee and is a member of the Foundation board:

I would personally like to thank all the students, volunteers, staff, faculty and committee members who have worked so diligently this centennial year to give meaning to the word “community” in Grand Rapids Community College. Every event this year exemplifies your passion and dedication. The thrill of being at the Gala and walking along the timeline is only matched by the evening the voters of Kent County voted to redistrict GRJC to GRCC in 1991. It was an honor to be associated with the college then as it still is in 2014. When I left the Board of Trustees three years ago, I expressed my feeling, ” You may leave the college, but the college will never leave you!” That surely was evident at the Gala.

Sto Lat! (May the college live another hundred years).

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