GRCC In the News, 10-22-14

Caring for the Caregivers

Oct. 21, 2014; WZZM

(Mike Faber, of the Older Learner Center, did a Senior Wellness segment.)

GRCC board candidate draws sharp questions for his 2001 book, ‘Letters from Perverse University’

Oct. 21, 2014; MLive

GRAND RAPIDS, MI – Candidates at Tuesday’s forum for Grand Rapids Community College’s Board of Trustees race answered a lot of questions from why they were running, the challenges surrounding student success, and what role trustees should play at the institution.

G-Sync: Throwback Thursday (100 years ago)

Oct. 16, 2014;

You can often tell how long a person has lived in Grand Rapids when they start to speak. Sometimes it’s when someone says, “I’ve seen ArtPrize’s Time-Based winner DITA perform at Wealthy Street Theatre for years.” (It was officially renamed Wealthy Theatre after the Community Media Center secured Wealthy Street property.) Sometimes it’s when they give directions: “Head north of the old Herp’s building and then turn left at the former Art Museum.” Both references are sure to raise a confused eyebrow to any new transplant to our region.

Another indicator is when someone references attending the Grand Rapids Junior College, which is correct if they went there pre-1991. But after locals voted to expand the boundaries beyond Grand Rapids to include 20 districts within the Kent Intermediate School District, it became the Grand Rapids Community College. It also ushered in, for the first time, a Board of Trustees elected to serve a six-year term.

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