100 Miles for 100 Years

GRCC staff members and their family celebrated GRCC 100 year anniversary with a goal to run 100 miles on the weekend of the Grand Rapids Marathon. The tally is in and over 124 miles were logged in over the two days where Grand Rapids hosted the Run Thru The Rapids 5K/10K on Saturday, October 18 and the GR Marathon on Sunday, Oct. 19.

Shelly Richter (Nursing) ran her personal best marathon finishing at 3:27. Tom Weaver (Math) cycled a 1:52 marathon. He finished third in the handcycle category. By the way, Tom is 64 years old and the two that finish ahead of him are half his age. Rachel Paulucci (Payroll) completed her first marathon in spite of back spasms in the middle of the race. Half marathon runners include: Alejandro Saldivar (Math) with his son, Lori Cook (Enrollment) with her daughter, and Jim Fox (Human Resources). Jim also ran the 5K with his nephew. Sue Sarniak (Nursing) ran the 10K on Saturday, after having surgery last summer. If you are interested in joining GRCC Running and Fitness Team, please contact Jim Fox in Human Resources.

Congratulations to all of the runners and their families!

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