GRCC In the News, 11-4-14

Encore U: It’s Never Too Late To Go To College

Nov. 3, 2014; Forbes

Here is a figure that may stun you: The number of Americans who are 55 and older will grow to 112 million by 2030, according to the United States Census Bureau. That is an increase from 76 million today. Viewed another way, the population of Americans age 55 and older will double in the next 25 years.

… Here are a few examples of Encore U campuses and how they are helping to prepare older adults for new careers:

… Grand Rapids Community College: This campus has created an Older Learner Center to meet the educational needs of older men and women in its community through public events and training programs. For example, they provide health education programming that is funded by the Kent County Senior Millage. These services benefit local residents age 60 and over.

Student Describes Experiences, Obstacles of Living in Poverty

Nov. 4, 2014;

Godfrey Lee Public Schools, MI — Lee High School senior Jordan Lovett headed to cross-country practice after her final class of the day.

… The dual enrollment English course offered at Lee through a partnership with Grand Rapids Community College means Jordan already will have three credits under her belt when she graduates. She plans to soon begin applying for grants and scholarships, with help from high school staff members.

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