CIS faculty, staff celebrate Thanksgiving by helping students

The Faculty and Staff in the Computer Information Systems department collected $1080 for CIS students who needed help this Thanksgiving. This money was used to send 36 Meijer gift cards to our students, just in time for them to purchase a hearty Thanksgiving meal. This event was part of our 8th Annual Bits and Bytes Thanksgiving Meal baskets. Over the years, hundreds of students in the CIS department have been helped by the generosity of our faculty. Additionally, students were made aware of other resources on campus such as the student food pantry. Thinking of our students in ways that extend outside of the classroom is such a great tradition to carry on. We are honored to have had such success in our 8th year of the Bits and Bytes Thanksgiving Meal Baskets project.

#100WaysToGiveBack with 100+ mouths fed

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