GRCC In the News, 12-11-14

Community College Programs Can Lead To Big Payoffs In The Right Fields

Dec. 11, 2014; NPR

When it comes to higher education, we’ve all heard the talking points: More people than ever are pursuing four-year degrees despite skyrocketing tuition costs because they don’t have many other choices if they want to be competitive in the workforce.

(Article includes a photo of GRCC dental students.)

Learning at the University of Life

Dec. 11, 2014;

Compassion. Selflessness. Balance. Character. Social consciousness. Humility. Uplifting. And peace, love and understanding.

… Michael Schavey is the director of the department of experiential learning at Grand Rapids Community College (GRCC). He points to their school’s Armen Awards, an annual program that recognizes faculty and students for service learning work, as a specific example of GRCC’s commitment to make service learning a significant part of the student experience.

Grand Rapids shelter helps one teen find escape

Dec. 11, 2014; Bridge magazine

Looking back, DaVionte Shannon recalled a time when each day seemed like a tightrope walk.

… He graduated from Union High School in Grand Rapids in June 2013 and plans to enroll in January at Grand Rapids Community College. He pays the rent through a job as a caretaker at an area nursing home.

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