Food Drive Thank you!

On behalf of the Office of Student Life and Conduct, we want to thank all staff and faculty who donated to the GRCC Student Food Pantry at last week’s holiday breakfast (including the large, special donation from John Cowles and Art Johnson). The number of students utilizing the pantry continues to grow, so it can be challenging to keep it well-stocked and provide a variety of items. The donations that came in last week were overwhelming! It took an army to sort and stock all of the food. We are truly grateful and we are positive the donations will be well-received by the students right before the holidays.

Here’s a personal quote that shows you how much your support impacts our students:

Thank you so much! This (food pantry) was such a big help for me and my children. God bless you and your family this holiday! You sure blessed mine! You guys are so awesome and if it were not for GRCC’s food pantry I would have been starving this year. You have been such a big light in my life! Thank you so much! My tears are full of joy!

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