Diversity Lecture Series continues with clinical psychologist Mary Pipher

Mary Pipher

Mary Pipher

GRCC’s Diversity Lecture Series continues on February 11 with author and clinical psychologist Mary Pipher.

Dr. Pipher, author of  The Green Boat: Sustaining Our Planet and Each Other, is concerned with how American culture influences the mental health of its people. In her talk “The Green Boat: Reviving Ourselves in Our Capsized Culture,” she considers how easily we are disconnected from our emotions, our bodies, each other and the truth, as we are engulfed in devastating information about the fate of Mother Earth. Dr. Pipher suggests we must reconnect our inner and outer lives to respond to this trauma with an awareness that leads to resilient coping and for many a transcendent response.

The lecture starts at 7 p.m. in Fountain Street Church. To see the entire lineup of speakers, click here.


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