GRCC’s roots

Did you know that GRJC, the first junior college in Michigan, was located for 11 years on the third floor of Grand Rapids Central High School? Did you know that the first GRJC president–and for several years the second—served as both head of the college and principal of Central? Did you know that GRJC admission standards, class offerings, and even examinations were near-duplications of the University of Michigan’s? The University, by giving its blessing to the new junior college, provided the motivation for its 1914 opening. GRJC would become a main feeder school for the University and adopt U of M colors.

Open Door, a 192-page history of GRJC/GRCC written by retired English professor Walter Lockwood, is a treasure chest of information on the college and its people, enriched by several hundred historical photos, an extensive timeline, and multiple appendices. It can be purchased at Schuler Books, the GRCC Library, or online.141208_0377

One thought on “GRCC’s roots

  1. Congrats on the Anniversary! It’s a great idea for institutions to provide a glimpse into their history. It fosters a sense of pride and steeps the college in its own tradition.

    I plan on running a series of posts highlighting our college’s past very soon.

    Keep up the great posts!

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