Changes made to policies

Changes were recently made to several college policies:

Summary of changes:

Revised Policy 3.7 Contracting Authority

  • Added provision which requires agreements for goods or services in excess of $1000 to be authorized by the Budget Control Officer and reviewed by the Director of Purchasing. This change makes this policy consistent with the Purchasing Policy.

Revised Policy 11.15 Purchasing Policy

  • Added provision under Procedures (Section X, paragraph F) requiring best economic approach, e.g. purchase vs. lease alternative analysis
  • Added provision under Procedures (Section X, paragraph F) for periodic review for procurement duplication
  • Updated non-discrimination paragraph to reflect updated EEO statement

Revised Policy 11.6 Use of College Equipment off College Property

  • Format Changes
  • Updated “use agreement” under Related Documents to “Acceptable Use Agreement”
  • Removed VP Finance/Admin from contacts
  • Added Procurement Specialist to contacts
  • Deleted cell phones and palm pilots (college no longer provides)
  • Added provision under Section X, Paragraph C, subsection 1 to include statement “college equipment assigned to employees for their normal daily work is exempt from this procedure.”

Revised 14.5 Campus Closing Due to Inclement Weather & Emergency Conditions

  • Added provision under Section X, Paragraph B, subsection 1 to include delayed start option
  • Modified factors considered in the decision to close:
    • Removed evaluation of local businesses closing
    • Added consideration of the current weather conditions and anticipated length of storm
  • Modified statement under Section X, Paragraph B to indicate 5:30 AM as a target decision time (the decision may not always be made at that exact time).

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