Help support FUNDerwear Run and GRCC Faculty Team of Runners – Runners Announced

You may have heard that there is a group of us about to don our finest skivvies and run the streets of Grand Rapids, originating on our very own campus. No worries – it’s completely legal and a great way to support Gilda’s Club of Grand Rapids. Please join the GRCC community and donate to

Gilda’s Club is a free cancer, grief, and emotional health support community of children, adults, families and friends and all proceeds we raise go directly to supporting the club.

As part of our fund raiser for Laughfest and Gilda’s Club, we have a dozen runners/walkers who will be taking part in the FUNDerwear Run 5k on Sunday through the streets of GR. The brave runners are:

Sean Mackey, Monica Stevens, Fred van Hartesveldt, Sarah Laycock, Katie Vander Meer, Michelle Allen, Ann Alexander, Christina McElwee, AndrewRozema, Rosario Montes-Sutton, Alejandro Saldivar, and Dan Groh!!!

Help support our community by donating now at

Thank you for your time and consideration. We’ve raised nearly $1,000 so far and are the top fund raiser for this event. We all need your support!

Sunday, March 8

GRCC Faculty FUNDerwear Run: The only time you can run in your underwear on campus…

One thought on “Help support FUNDerwear Run and GRCC Faculty Team of Runners – Runners Announced

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