GRCC was not always an ‘Open Door’

Did you know that for most of the first half of its 100-year history, GRJC entrance requirements for an academic transfer student duplicated those of the University of Michigan? Only in the early 1960s, under Dean Dr. John Visser, did the college open its doors to any student with a sincere desire to get a college education. The doors have been open ever since, with the exception of a few years when enrollment was capped for lack of classroom space.

Open Door, a newly published history of the college, written by retired English professor Walter Lockwood, tells the story and names the names of the people who in the early years fought for the college’s existence, and those who over its history have had the vision to build a thriving institution. It can be purchased at Schuler Books, the GRCC Library, or online at

OD book intro spread

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