Occupational Therapy supports the community through several projects annually

GRCC Occupational Therapy Assistant (OTA) http://www.grcc.edu/occupationaltherapyassistantprogram students were involved in two unique volunteer activities for children with disabilities this semester. Students created sensory motor treatment activities at Wyoming Public Schools for preschool students with developmental delays. Students also volunteered at Fun Fest, which is a day-long event for children with special needs and their families. The event consists of wheelchair accessible games, a sensory room and community resources for treatment.

The Occupational Therapy curriculum includes many service learning activities as a part of the curriculum to provide students with hands-on exposure to clients and treatment provided by Occupational Therapy Assistants. These are annual program activities.

  • Home accessibility — Students conducting barrier free assessments and make recommendations for older residents in their apartments at Heron Woods.
  • Adapted games — Students plan and lead recreational activities for the young adult students with developmental disabilities at Kent Vocational Options.
  • Sensory Motor activities — Students perform treatment activities to promote sensory, fine motor and perceptual        skills for preschool children with preprimary impairments at Wyoming Public Schools.
  • Baking activity — GRCC OTA and culinary arts students perform a cookie baking and decorating activity with developmentally delayed students at Lincoln School.
  • Leisure assessment — Students conduct interviews with residents at Oak Ridge Manor to identify leisure interests.
  • Backpack awareness — Students perform backpack assessments making recommendations on backpack weight,  positioning and load distribution for GRCC Radiological Technology students.


  • Ergonomic assessment — Students perform ergonomic assessments and make recommendations for the GRCC    dental assistant students while they are performing procedures on patients.
  • Leisure activity for geriatric residents — Students plan and coordinate activities for residents at Brookcrest Manor and Pilgrim Manor.
  • Life skills groups — Students facilitate life skills discussion group for clients at Michigan Works First.
  • Adapted clothing — Students fabricate adapted clothing for selected disabilities for a class assignment and            donate them to the clients at Disability Advocates.

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Free screening of ‘The Hunting Ground’ tonight

This documentary on college campus sexual assault has the power to fuel the movement to end campus assault, but we need to show a strong turnout at theaters to demonstrate the growing public concern and demand institutions change their ways.  Come to a free screening and panel discussion at Celebration Cinema North tonight from 6:30-8:30 p.m. Brought to you by GRCC and the Kent County Young Leaders Against Violence. #SAAM #TheHuntingGround

Student to present Mathematics Seminar

GRCC student Steven Janke will speak on the historical development and fundamental concepts of Hyperbolic Geometry from 3-4 p.m. April 16 in room 103 of Cook. See below for the title and abstract.

For more than 2000 years, Euclidean Geometry was considered to be “the” Geometry; there were no others. The discovery of “new” geometries revolutionized mathematics in the 19th century. This talk should be of interest to the curious and open-minded, and, as always, all are welcome!

Pop and cookies will be served at 2:45 PM.

Triangles, Parallels, and Perpendiculars: A Story of Geometry

 One of the basic ideas in geometry is that when you add up all the angles in a triangle you get 180 degrees, but is this always true? Consider the earth and one line being the equator and two other lines being lines of longitude. If we pick two longitudinal lines that are perpendicular then these lines will form a triangle. However, this triangle has 3 right angles which add up to 270 degrees. Surely this must be a mistake, or some special case, or maybe there is something wrong with geometry…or could there possibly be alternative geometries?

Learn about the history of Hyperbolic Geometry, its creation and its discovery, and attempts to prove Euclid’s Parallel Postulate. Some of the major issues with newer geometries are finding logically consistent models, and we will explore some of the famous models for Hyperbolic Geometry and learn some of the basic constructions possible. We will finish with a qualitative investigation into curvature of a surface and what that means for geometry.

Orientation kicks off in April

We are getting ready to kick off our orientation sessions for our new students who will be starting at GRCC in the Fall of 2015. Sessions begin on Monday, April 20th and run throughout the entire Summer ending in August. Session sign up and information can be found on the Orientation website at www.grcc.edu/orientation. Please note we do not release all the sessions at once.

Here are a couple quick facts for GRCC staff in case they encounter any lost students on campus.

Where is Orientation: All students should report to the Enrollment Center on the first floor of the main building.

Parking: All students are giving parking information when they RSVP and in reminder messaging. They are giving a parking pass on the day of their session so parking is free for them that day.

What will they be doing? All students will be giving a Raider card and a tour of campus. They will next go to a computer lab for a hands on session and work with the Counseling and Orientation staff on important academic advising information and class registration.

April: For the month of April only, we will be taking students to the labs in the ATC for their hands on session. In the months from May through August we will be on the 2nd floor of the Main building.

However, check in is ALWAYS in the Enrollment Center and that is where students should be directed.

Please help welcome our new students to campus!! Remember they are often nervous coming on campus for the first time so please be sure to give them a warm GRCC welcome (and good directions)!

Thank you for your support of the Orientation program and our new freshman students! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call Lori Cook (x.3099) or email (lcook@grcc.edu).

Student employees recognized

The Student Employee of the Year Award, which is designed to recognize and reward Student Employees for excellent service to our institution, was presented on 4/15/2015. This years winners are as follows:

2nd Runner Up – Nicel Martinez (GRCCePrint)

1st Runner Up – Kemper Wright (Student Life)

First Place – Stephen Bowers (Enrollment Center)

Congratulations to all three for a job well done!

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