Occupational Therapy supports the community through several projects annually

GRCC Occupational Therapy Assistant (OTA) http://www.grcc.edu/occupationaltherapyassistantprogram students were involved in two unique volunteer activities for children with disabilities this semester. Students created sensory motor treatment activities at Wyoming Public Schools for preschool students with developmental delays. Students also volunteered at Fun Fest, which is a day-long event for children with special needs and their families. The event consists of wheelchair accessible games, a sensory room and community resources for treatment.

The Occupational Therapy curriculum includes many service learning activities as a part of the curriculum to provide students with hands-on exposure to clients and treatment provided by Occupational Therapy Assistants. These are annual program activities.

  • Home accessibility — Students conducting barrier free assessments and make recommendations for older residents in their apartments at Heron Woods.
  • Adapted games — Students plan and lead recreational activities for the young adult students with developmental disabilities at Kent Vocational Options.
  • Sensory Motor activities — Students perform treatment activities to promote sensory, fine motor and perceptual        skills for preschool children with preprimary impairments at Wyoming Public Schools.
  • Baking activity — GRCC OTA and culinary arts students perform a cookie baking and decorating activity with developmentally delayed students at Lincoln School.
  • Leisure assessment — Students conduct interviews with residents at Oak Ridge Manor to identify leisure interests.
  • Backpack awareness — Students perform backpack assessments making recommendations on backpack weight,  positioning and load distribution for GRCC Radiological Technology students.


  • Ergonomic assessment — Students perform ergonomic assessments and make recommendations for the GRCC    dental assistant students while they are performing procedures on patients.
  • Leisure activity for geriatric residents — Students plan and coordinate activities for residents at Brookcrest Manor and Pilgrim Manor.
  • Life skills groups — Students facilitate life skills discussion group for clients at Michigan Works First.
  • Adapted clothing — Students fabricate adapted clothing for selected disabilities for a class assignment and            donate them to the clients at Disability Advocates.

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