Diversity Learning Center hosts webinar on trans, gender non-binary students

Join us for a Webinar on Tuesday, May 12, 2015

1:00 p.m.-2:30 p.m., ATC Auditorium

How Campuses Are Failing Trans Students and How Your College Can Be One of the Success Stories

Tuesday, May 12, 2015 | Time: 1 PM (EST) | By: Genny Beemyn

“Trans and gender non-binary students regularly face both institutional and individual discrimination on campuses. Colleges are ethically and legally obligated to be doing more to support them in both policy and practice.” Genny Beemyn, Ph.D.

A rapidly growing number of students are coming out as Trans and gender non-binary before and when they enter college, but many cisgender (non-transgender) faculty and staff lack even a basic understanding of the lives of Trans individuals and how to meet their needs through creating a more gender-inclusive campus.

This webinar by expert speaker Genny Beemyn, Ph.D., will discuss the complex ways that students understand and express their gender identity today and will talk about the best practices and policies to support Trans and gender non-binary students. The session will cover areas such as housing, facilities, health services, admissions, and the classroom. You will learn concrete steps that you can take to make your campuses more Trans inclusive.

The session will also help you understand the:

  • Appropriate terminology
  • The expectations for preventing discrimination against trans students under Title IX
  • The best practices to support trans students
  • Trans-inclusive policy language

Session Highlights:

  • Become familiar with the latest terminology being used by non-binary gender students.
  • Gain greater knowledge of the diverse experiences of trans and other gender-nonconforming college students.
  • Learn how trans college students face discrimination in campus housing, facilities, health services, admissions, and the classroom.
  • Learn the best practices to meet the needs of trans and other gender-nonconforming college students to address institutional discrimination and comply with federal laws.
  • Receive information about new research on the experiences and needs of non-binary gender college students.

Sponsored by the Bob and Aleicia Woodrick Diversity Learning Center

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