Older Learner Center book for sale starting today

Then and nowThis is no ordinary book. It is a collection of personal stories spanning the one hundred-year period between 1914 and 2014, and containing the collective memories of a small but committed number of participants in the Life History Club sponsored by the Grand Rapids Community College Older
Learner Center.

This book project began in 2013 as an effort of the group to combine their love of life story (memoir) writing with the desire to recognize the one hundred-year anniversary of Grand Rapids Community College. This book contains twenty-seven stories written by twelve different authors spanning a wide variety of topics including their memories of childhood, family times, significant historical events, educational and work experiences, as well as the everyday experiences that make life so interesting. This collection of stories paints a very personal picture of life in Grand Rapids and the greater United States over the last century and touches on themes of patriotism, racism, discrimination, and what it was
like to live during some of the most trying times of American history including World War II and the 1960s. In the pages of this book you will find the wit, wisdom, humor, and common “horse” sense of generations past. Lessons learned through lives well lived.

Copies of this book will be available starting on May 6th, for $5 each, by contacting Mike Faber in the Older Learner Center at 616-234-3483 or mfaber@grcc.edu.

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