Nursing students to participate in Stomp Out Stigma Walk

The GRCC STOMPS team has been formed by the Level 3 and 4 AD Nursing students. The walk to combat the stigma associated with mental health disorders is taking place this Saturday morning. We realize that 1 in 4 people experience a mental health disorder during their lifetime and the persistent stigma prevents many people from seeking help. Also, family members may fear revealing the disorder of their loved one, which prevents them from getting the support they need.

Please consider donating to our team and/or walking with us on May 16. Registration/Donation is available online at the Mental Health Foundation website through May 15. The walk is at the downtown Grand Valley Campus. The walk itself starts at 9:30 AM. The funds that are raised support the Mental Health Foundation in their efforts to educate the population about mental illness and offer BeNice. programs in the schools. If you have any questions, contact Ellen Stuart MSN, RN at 234-4329.

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