GRCC In the News, 6-3-15

Kent County appoints first female undersheriff

June 2, 2015; WOOD TV

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — The Kent County Sheriff has appointed the first female to the department’s second-in-command position.

Michelle Young held the position of chief deputy for the Kent County Sheriff’s Department since 2011 and will now serve as the undersheriff.

(Article doesn’t mention it, but Michelle Young is a GRCC alumna.)

Graduation 2015: VR Tech High School

June 2, 2015; The Holland Sentinel

… What are you looking forward to, now that you have graduated?

… “Starting a new chapter of my life. I’m going to Grand Rapids Community College for hospitality.” Aubrey Nyhoff

Top Grads: Ravenna High School announces top 10 graduates of 2015

June 2, 2015; MLive

RAVENNA, MI — Ravenna High School has announced its top 10 students of the 2015 graduating class.

… Shaina Corinne McKinnon, daughter of Bruce and Stacy McKinnon. She participated in Destination Imagination, Business Professionals of America and National Honor Society and was on the honor roll. She plans to attend Grand Rapids Community College and then transfer to Grand Valley State University to study social work.

ABO treats elementary students to day of food, games

The Alpha Beta Omega World Leadership Society of GRCC concluded its 2014-15 community engagement program with MLK Elementary School in Grand Rapids on Tuesday, June 2, 2015. ABO students provided food and games with lots of fun for all third-graders at the school. One of the primary characteristics of leaders is that they give back to their communities and this is one way that ABO demonstrates that principle. This is the third year that the organization has been actively working with MLK students as tutors and mentors.

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Changes made to policies

A new policy was recently created and several existing ones were revised:

3.1 Institutional Review Board Policy (new)

This is a new policy at GRCC. The IRB policy shall ensure the protection of human participants as subjects of research at Grand Rapids Community College so that:

  • The welfare and rights of human subjects are adequately protected and informed consent given, if necessary;
  • Human subjects are not placed at unreasonable physical, mental, or emotional risk as a result of the research;
  • The research outcomes are of significance to the interests of the college
  • The necessity and importance of the research outweighs the risks to the subjects; and
  • The researcher(s) is/are qualified to conduct research involving human subjects.

10.1 Tuition & Fees Policy (revised)

  •  Language was added to bring us in compliance with the Veterans Access, Choice, and Accountability Act of 2014
  •  We added a bullet point to address differential tuition

6.7 Conflict of Interest Policy (revised)

  •  Add the following to VII, Related Documents:

National Academic Advising Association Statement of Core Values for Academic Advising.

American Counseling Association Code of Ethics

Council for Advancement of Standards Guidelines for Academic Advisors

Association of Fundraising Professionals Code of Ethical Standards.

GRCC Purchasing Policy

  •  Change IX F. 2 to add: Student workers may be approved for employment by the Executive Director of Human Resources.
  •  Change IX F. Nepotism and Personal Relationships, section F. 3. C “husbands and wives” to “spouses or partners
  •  Add “including suppliers and vendors” to IX. Definitions: “Personal or Financial Conflict of Interest: A conflict of interest may arise whenever an employee is in a position to influence college business, research, or other decisions in ways that could lead to any form of personal gain for the individual or his/her relative, or give improper advantage to other, including suppliers and vendors.”
  • Remove the following statement from IX. Definitions (redundant): “A GRCC employee acts impartially or gives preferential treatment to any private or public organization or individual.”
  • Add “(over $25)” to define “substantial monetary value” to be consistent with the GRCC Purchasing Policy. Add “Exceptions may be made for invitations to events if authorized in advance by the EBCO or Director of Purchasing or if the event is a fundraiser for GRCC.”
  • Add the following definitions to IX:

10. A GRCC employee who holds responsibilities for any aspect of academic advising and/or counseling (personal and career) is required to adhere to the Council for Academic Standards guidelines for academic advising and the NACADA Statement of Core Values of Academic Advising and/or the American Counseling Association Code of Ethics for Counseling.

11. A GRCC employee who holds responsibilities for any aspect of fundraising for the GRCC Foundation or for the College is required to adhere to the Association of Fundraising Professionals Code of Ethical Standards.

12. Employees who are authorized to select or to participate in the selection of a vendor and/or to award a contract may not accept valuable gifts, including reimbursement for travel expenses, meals or sample text books which can reasonably be expected to influence their judgment. Sample texts may be accepted on behalf of the College by Department Heads as appropriate for faculty consideration. Sample texts may not be sold to textbook buyers

13. Employees may not invite vendors to campus to sell products or to solicit funds from students and employees without prior authorization from the Director of Purchasing or the Executive Director of Human Resources for benefit or professional development related activities. Exceptions will be made for student fundraising events.