GRCC In the News, 6-11-15

Prepare for Stiff Competition to Get an Associate Degree in Nursing

June 10, 2015; U.S. News & World Report

Associate degrees in nursing are popular choices among community college students and for good reason.

… While those job prospects are appealing, that doesn’t mean every community college student should start banging on the nursing department door. Below are five factors students should consider before pursuing an associate degree in nursing.

… 2. Nursing programs require lots of time. Students earning an associate degree in nursing need to be willing to give it their all, says Michelle Richter, director of nursing programs at Michigan’s Grand Rapids Community College. “If they are not able to make nursing school a priority in their life, it’s probably not the right time to go to school,” she says.

Insight School of Michigan Celebrates First Graduating Class

June 10, 2015; CNN Money

Insight School of Michigan (ISMI), a tuition-free online public charter school for Michigan students statewide in grades 6 through 12, will honor the Class of 2015 at a graduation ceremony on Saturday, June 13, at the Historical Museum in Lansing, MI. Thirteen students will receive their high school diploma as part of ISMI’s first-ever graduating class.

… Members of the ISMI Class of 2015 plan to pursue higher education at two- and four-year colleges throughout the state, including Baker College of Owosso, Adrian College, Grand Rapids Community College, and Muskegon Community College.

For Baby Boomers and beyond, Encore encourages retirees to add another act

June 11, 2015;

When people think about retirement, many think about activities such as traveling, relaxing, or spending more time with family. But for the last year, the Grand Rapids Community Foundation (GRCF) has been looking for Grand Rapidians with a different type of retirement story, people who found a second way to contribute to society following their retirement. They appropriately refer to these experienced adults as “Encores.”

… One technique GRCF has successfully used to spread the word is storytelling. Tom Rademacher and Nancy O’Brien were asked by GRCF to seek out Encores and share their stories on the GRCF website. “We’ve been careful not to label 50+, you know, the whole baby boomer thing. Because people in their 40s are feeling this way too, and looking for a purpose driven life. They want to see that what they do makes a difference to the community in some way,” says O’Brien. “A lot of people that are having traditional retirement are wondering what to do next, and looking for a connection. Were hoping that through our storytelling that they can see the possibilities.”

(Article doesn’t mention it, but Tom Rademacher is a GRCC alumnus.)

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