GRCC In the News, 6-12-15

Michigan artist, Leelanau wineries team up for Project 24

June 12, 2015; Grand Traverse Insider

LEELANAU — In the spirit of many artists who have gone before her, Michigan landscape artist Stephanie Schlatter’s goal is to honor the land by helping all to see it anew, from a fresh viewpoint. She has teamed up with the Leelanau Peninsula Vintners Association (LPVA) for Project 24, in which she will visit 24 Leelanau Peninsula wineries and create original reflective art at each one. Schlatter began her travels on May 26.

… While Stephanie Schlatter calls Grand Rapids home, shes really all about adventure. A graduate of the Photography and Fine Arts Program at Grand Rapids Community College, she has traveled the globe to study art for more than a decade, including having spent time in Mexico, where she made the decision to shift from photography to painting.

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