Raider Salute to custodial staff

A Raider Salute from Christy Dykgraaf, of the English department:

I want to sincerely thank our wonderful custodial staff for the pride they take in not only maintaining Cook and Main but also for the outstanding job they did this past winter in heavily salting the Bostwick esplanade between the parking ramp and those two buildings. I would have had an extremely dangerous experience at 7:00 A.M. negotiating that area with my two new hips had it not been for their diligence. I also appreciate how they all are eager to catch my eye and respond to my greetings whenever I see any of our awesome custodial staff. They are so professional and seem happy to be doing their jobs. I feel I am on the team with them. We are so fortunate to work with them. At the beginning of each class, I open my door to a spit-spot clean room. What a gift!! Thank you!!

4 thoughts on “Raider Salute to custodial staff

  1. Christy I would like to be the first to say thank you for you being so appreciative, and we also want the rest of our team and students and guest to feel an be safe on campus. again thank you and have a wonderful summer.

    • Thank you so much!! So nice to hear a thank you. Even when it is our job to make this a safe and clean place to learn, we love to hear thank you!! You are very kind to send a “Raider Salute”. Take care.

  2. Christy,
    Your kind comments are much appreciated. It’s our goal to make sure student, staff and faculty needs are met. Once again thank you, I hope your summer goes well.

    Robert Green
    Building Manager
    Main & Cook

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