Mobile Manufacturing Lab arrives at Tassell M-TEC

Wednesday afternoon GRCC’s Mobile Manufacturing Lab arrived at the Tassell M-TEC. This lab was designed by members of the Discover Manufacturing employer group, GRCC faculty, Kent ISD staff and GRCC staff to show different people the different types of manufacturing that is happening in West Michigan. The GRCC graphics team did the outside trailer design! Funds to purchase the trailer are from our Michigan Coalition for Advanced Manufacturing grant (M-CAM).

The trailer will be used to show people different manufacturing careers, recruit students to manufacturing programs, used at manufacturing sites to train incumbent employees, and to used to show off our different manufacturing programs.

Equipment will be added and faculty and staff will be trained in how to operate it over the next couple of months. If you know of an event or school that is interested in hosting the trailer after August 15 please have them e-mail

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