GRCC In the News, 6-25-15

GRCC grad rate up from 6-year low; how it compares to other Michigan community colleges

June 24, 2015; MLive

GRAND RAPIDS, MI — Grand Rapids Community College’s federal graduation rate — a measure that administrators say is misleading because it only includes full-time, first-year students — has increased slightly to 13 percent after hitting a six-year low, according to a new report.

Promise college scholarship programs in Michigan

June 25, 2015; MLive

Michigan has more Promise scholarship programs than any other state.

… Grand Rapids: Challenge Scholars offers college scholarships to high school graduates who attended Harrison Park or Westwood middle schools. The scholarships can be used at any Michigan public university, Grand Rapids Community College, Aquinas College and Davenport University.

Why variety?

If you’ve recently identified more excuses than reasons to visit the gym, you may be battling a case of boredom in your exercise routine. Simple, small changes in your normal regime may reunite your feet and the elliptical machine once again.

“Oftentimes people forget that a periodic change in your routine can not only benefit different muscles, but prevent the boredom that many of us experience,” explains Craig Wax, DO, an osteopathic family physician practicing in Mullica Hill, N.J.

Dr. Wax further explains that the human body adapts quickly to most exercises, so if you’ve maintained the same routine for too long you may have reached a plateau that no longer benefits your body as much.

“If you no longer sweat during your workouts you may need to increase your intensity,” explains Dr. Wax. “Try lengthening the duration of your workouts, the weight or repetitions of your lifts, or add another day to your routine.”

Cross-training was pioneered to battle the boredom of professional athletes. However, Dr. Wax says it is great for everyone.

“A good exercise routine should include cardiovascular exercise, weight or resistance training, and some stretching and flexibility exercises,” he says.

Another quick-fix for fighting boredom is a change of scenery. Dr. Wax explains that if your exercise routine is always indoors, you may just need to step outside.

“Change your scenery regularly to prevent boredom and for best physical results,” says Dr. Wax. “Take a fast walk, swim or bicycle with friends instead of meeting to eat.”

“An excellent idea whenever you need added motivation is to enlist a friend. Working out with a partner can add a social element to your routine and you won’t skip the gym when you know someone else is waiting for you,” he explains.

Dr. Wax adds that if you cannot find a friend, join a class or club to add the social element. Another option he recommends is to set an athletic goal like finishing a race or participating in a sporting tournament of some kind.

“Competition and setting goals are two great ways to get motivated,” he says.

Dr. Wax says that your body may be signaling you for a needed vacation from the gym. Afew days off every month can prevent over-training and can rejuvenate and refresh the body for your next month.

To receive the best results from your exercise routine, Dr. Wax recommends modifying your workout every two weeks. In addition, he recommends a healthy diet including lots of vegetables and eight glasses of water a day.

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Main Building Restroom Renovations

Phase one of the Main building restroom renovation project is nearing completion. Final fixtures will be installed the week of June 29th, and the facilities at the south end of floors 1 – 4 will re-open the week of July 6th!

PLEASE NOTE: Demolition for phase 2 will begin June 29th. There will be NO RESTROOM services on floors 1 – 5 from June 29 – July 3. Restrooms are available on G2 or in the Cook building!

GRCC hosts online sale today

Grand Rapids Community College will be hosting an Online Sale on June 25. This sale, running from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., will feature retired College technology and resources including laptops, desktops, monitors, electronics, lost & found items, and many others! A specific inventory listing will be available the day of the sale.

The online sale may be accessed by visiting GRCC’s Online Store

Please keep in mind that no inventory will be displayed until June 25 at 7 a.m. For more information, please visit GRCC’s Purchasing Department website


Grand Rapids Community College does not guarantee complete sets. All items will be sold as is. Inventory must be picked up the following day of the sale. Purchased items must be removed from the college campus within two weeks from date of sale as indicated above (by appt).

Construction to close Bostwick parking ramp

Due to construction at the Student Center, and related power outages, parking in the Bostwick ramp will be affected in the following ways:

Friday, June 26th at 9:00 PM through Saturday June 27th at 9:00 PM: There will be no access to the Bostwick Ramp. The cattle gates and all over head gates will be pulled. In addition to the scheduled power outage, the Urban Downhill Skateboard competition as part of the Meijer State Games will be running on Saturday from 4-8 PM resulting on road closures surrounding the ramp.