GRCC In the News, 7-1-15

Make the dream of college education come true

June 30, 2015; WOTV

GRANDS RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) — A statewide college scholarship has helped a Grand Rapids woman beat the statistical odds against her.

… With help from the Fostering Futures Scholarship, (Nikie) Nevius was able to afford tuition at Grand Rapids Community College where she studies nursing. The scholarship gave Nevius relief of financial burden and allowed her to focus on going to school and getting good grades.

Raider Salute for communications remodeling efforts

The communications department staff sends a Raider Salute to each of the following for their assistance in our remodel:

  • Antonio Aguillon
  • Ned Ahmetovic
  • Gary Carpenter
  • Melissa Davis
  • Bryan Door
  • Dewayn Faber
  • Ben Flory
  • Bob Green
  • Tom Hornak
  • Abbot Kastanek
  • Chad Senna
  • Jim Steensma
  • Todd Torrey
  • Ryan Warblow

Thank you for your support and for going above and beyond!

Geology students explore Upper Peninsula

In June, students enrolled in Tari Mattox’s Historical Geology course had the opportunity to explore Michigan’s ancient history. An eight-hour drive took students two billion years into the past. Some of the oldest rocks on Earth are exposed in the Upper Peninsula and are evidence of our continent’s tumultuous beginning. Students put their geology skills to good use identifying and interpreting rocks from a vast array of outcrops. They moved from the “sea to the shore” as they identified submarine lava flows, beach sands now tilted to a near-vertical angle, ancient lifeforms called stromatolites, and stacked beds of pure iron ore that fueled Michigan’s automobile industry.

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