GR Urban Trail 5k to benefit GRCC cross country team

Explore the Ken-O-Sha Trail while supporting GRCC’s cross country team with the first GR Urban Trail 5k on August 11!

The race starts in the parking lot at Calvary Baptist Church, 1200 28th St. SE, before moving to the trail. The top male and female finishers and age group finishers will receive prizes, and refreshments will follow the event.

Proceeds from the event will support GRCC’s cross country team.

Registration costs $20; to sign up, click here.

Changes made to policies

Several policies have been revised.

6.14 Family Medical Leave (FMLA) Policy (revised)

  • Section X.D – Remove the word “may” and replaced with the word “will” in the first sentence. Removed second to last sentence.
  • Section X.E.1 – Added “leave for the birth of the child, workers’ compensation leave (to the extent that it qualifies)” to the first sentence.
  • Section X.E.2 – Removed the first sentence and also updated the second sentence which now reads “An employee who is taking leave for the birth of a child beyond the disability, adoption or foster care of a child may use all paid vacation, personal or family leave prior to being eligible for unpaid leave.”

6.24 Drug & Alcohol Policy (revised)

  • A.1. Changed “Alcoholic beverages of any kind” to “Alcohol in any form”
  • B. Changed ESP to APSS
  • F. Removed “Such” from “Such records and information may be disclosed…”
  • Changed revision from February to June 2016