Sidewalk work to close Cook parking ramp entrance

The City of Grand Rapids will be doing sidewalk repair around the GRCC campus on Thursday and Friday, July 30 and 31. The G2 entrance to the Cook ramp will be closed while the work is occurring. Employees who park in G2 should plan to park in the Lyon ramp staff area.

The sidewalk repair will also block the driveway between the Ford and Science, partially block the flow of pedestrians into the Science building.

Advanced manufacturing series starts in fall

GRCC’s Advanced Manufacturing Series is an introduction or update for those in manufacturing or interested in manufacturing. You may take one workshop or a combination of workshops. Sessions start this fall!

Core courses include:

  • Lean Manufacturing Overview.
  • Blueprint Reading for Manufacturing 1.
  • Basic Metrology and Measurement System Error.
  • Problem Solving – 8 Steps and 5 Whys.

Elective courses include:

  • Manufacturing Terminology, Processes, and Practices.
  • Blueprint Reading for Manufacturing 2.
  • Working Better in Teams.
  • Quality Products and Quality Management Systems.
  • Statistical Process Control – SPC 1 (elective).
  • Statistical Process Control – SPC 2 (elective).

For details or to register, click here.