Andre Fields releases book

Andre Fields, of GRCC’s Counseling and Career Center, released his book, The Psychology of Racism: Made in America, this month.

Here’s a summary:

fieldsbookWhy Is Racism So Destructive?

As the collective soul of American society continues to evolve, it seems our Country has become more racially-divided than ever before. From police brutality, to race-riots, to media propaganda, it seems that in recent times, racism has triggered increased levels of separation, hostility, and resentment amongst American citizens. As with all previous generations of America’s young existence, racial conflict continues to be the most damaging issue facing our Nation.

In Volume I of this three-part book series, The Psychology of Racism tackles the controversial subject of racism by meticulously dissecting and examining the insidious psychological connection between Black male underachievement (i.e. high school drop-out, unemployment, criminality, life-expectancy, and psychological dysfunction) and American racism.

The 4 primary goals of this book are to: 1. Present a clear explanation of the deeply complex nature of American racism. 2. Outline a concrete explanation of the insidious connection between American racism and the psychological functioning of Black males. 3. Provide a theory-based rationale and reason for why Black males have evolved into the most underachieving category of American citizen. 4. Introduce a racially-contextualized therapeutic model for re-conditioning and re-empowering the stigmatized minds of Black males.

To order the book, click here.