Changes made to policy

Changes were recently made to a college policy:

6.1 Transgender Equal Opportunity (new policy)

  • Policy Statement: GRCC is committed to a College culture that respects and values all students, faculty and staff and fosters understanding of gender identity within the College community. All students, faculty and staff will adhere to procedures established in connection with this policy to ensure a safe working and learning environment, free of discrimination and harassment, which promotes the educational and social wellbeing of transgender students, and employees.
  • Reason for policy: To accommodate, support and protect transgender students and employees from sex discrimination and harassment.

Main, Cook to get new classroom keys

Any faculty and staff who have been issued the classroom key for the Main & Cook Buildings (GC-1 stamped 1-490) will need to exchange this key as the classrooms are being re-cored. For your convenience, a table will be set up on Thursday at the Open Day Meeting in the Ford Fieldhouse from 7:30 to 10:30 and again from 2:00 to 5:00 for the adjunct meeting. To receive the new key, employees must return the old key, so please bring your GC-1 key with you on Thursday. If you are unable to exchange your key at that time, you can come to campus police anytime after Thursday to pick up your new key.

Both the new and old key will work on the classroom doors until the first of October, at which time the old key will no longer work.